Jeri Sigle

   Mar 04

Reflection Week 7: Why Are the Students In Your Class?

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chrislehmanIn the blog post Why Are the Students In Your Class? by Chris Lehman in his Practical Theory Blog, he addresses the two types of students in the classroom: the 10% who are passionate about the subject matter being taught, and the other 90%.  As educators, we constantly strive to engage all students. The common question asked by students is why do we have to learn this? We must provide content that is meaningful to all students and make connections with them so that they desire to learn and not just have to.  Lehman states, “We must strive to ensure that the time we spend together will help every student become a better citizen and person, both today, and in the future. Our classrooms must then be lenses on the world, not just for the students who fall in love with the same content we love, but for every child.”

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